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How to transport a mattress

Transporting a mattress requires planning in advance for a safe and a successful transport. Mattress that is not transported properly can be a major hazard that will cause accidents on the road. The methods of transporting a mattress differs depending on what type of vehicle you are planning to use for the transport.

If you have a large moving truck all you really have to do is cover up your mattress with a tarp and secure it in place so it doesn't conduct a dance session inside your truck. When using a pickup truck, stand your mattresses on their sides on each side of the truck as this will minimize the lift caused by air.

When using smaller vehicles, transporting a mattress becomes a tricky business that requires some creativity and good old common sense.

The materials you will need are plenty of ropes and a tarp. You can also use ratcheting tie-downs instead of ropes and they can actually be easier to tie your mattress with. Tarp will protect your mattress from dirt and also keep it nice and dry during the transport.

Lay down the box spring first then stack the mattress on the roof of your car then tie them securely. This will be easy if you have a vehicle with a rack but even without one, you can simply work the rope through your windows to tie your box spring on the roof. If you are tying the rope through your windows, I would be extra thorough by criss-crossing with your rope. Cover up your mattresses using the tarp and secure the tarp in place using your rope.

When transporting your mattress using this method, there will be an air drift under the mattresses lifting them up especially when driving fast on the high way. If at all possible, I would drive off the freeway so you can minimize this problem. If that is not an option, just make sure to drive as slow as possible to minimize the air drift. Even if your rope job is secure, your mattress can potentially fly off if you are driving too fast.

If at all possible, consider renting a moving truck. It's just not worth risking accidents to save a few bucks. But if that is not an option use a generous amount of ropes to the point of excessiveness and drive as slow as possible.

How to Clean a Mattress Tip #1

Prevention is easier than cure. Using mattress protectors simple as vinyl zip covers can drastically increase the lifespan of your mattress and protect it from unwanted bugs, mold and inadvertent spills. This small investment you make for protecting your mattress will save you a lot of headache and hassle in the future.
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How to Clean a Mattress Tip #2

Sprinkle some baking soda on your mattress and watch the odor and moisture disappear! Just let it sit for a few minutes then vacuum your mattress.
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How to Clean a Mattress Tip #3

Every month or two, make a habit of taking your mattress outside when it is warm and sunny. The sunlight will vaporize all the moistures trapped in the mattress and kill the mold that might've built up over time.